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Thoughts on Burning the Qur’an


Perhaps I should stay out of this, but right or wrong, here are some brief summations of what I’ve been thinking. Enjoy or get mad if you must. That is your right.

I admit, my first reaction was if the roles were reversed then people would be saying, “They have every right to burn Bibles even if Christians don’t like it”. I was actually a bit angered at that thought, but quickly realized that may not be the right thinking.

(For the record, I feel the same about the controversial proposed Mosque in New York. I may not like it, but they have a right to build it.)

After reflecting on the matter, I see a few issues:

1. Muslim Reaction – The fact that it could move moderate faithful Muslims into the radical Jihadists column is the biggest tangible problem.
2. Christian Responsibility – My faith demands that I love even my enemy. This is the biggest non-tangible issue. My friend Tony wrote a good post on this…
3. World View (of the USA) – This could drive an already negative picture of America worse.

I’m sure there are other issues, but I want to keep this short.

Now I have another question for you and myself.
If in fact, this is within his rights, what does not allowing this mean?

1. Freedom of Speech – Where are the usual suspects? The ACLU, Rev. You Name It, etc. who regularly fight for people who want to do something dividing yet legal.
2. War on Terror - The idea of terror is to paralyze people with fear. I DO NOT want to see another soldier or American citizen die as a result. However, if fear removes our freedoms, who is winning the war.

It’s not about rights… it’s about responsibility.

1. Rights says, “Screw you! I can do what I want. Consequences and other people don’t really matter. This is my right.”
2. Responsibility says, “We may not see eye to eye, but I recognize that we live in the same world. I realize that sometimes exercising my “rights” can be very wrong.”

I could be politically correct and say this guy is crazy and needs to be stopped. I can recognize his rights and jump to his defense. I could say nothing and let other people sort it out.

Instead, I’ll share these thoughts with you above and below.

Nothing I think or say will effect this man’s decision tomorrow, but maybe as you read this it can be applied to your world. You have rights and so do those around you. How you treat those rights and people make all the difference… and there is no catch-all solution. Sometimes giving up your rights makes the greater impact (Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13). Yet, other times having your rights taken away in fear can have costly effects. Life is filled with very tough choices and how we react when our “rights” are challenged could be the toughest. But, the choice is your right to make… and your responsibility.