Jarrett Lee’s Redemption

One thing that really impressed me about Jarrett Lee’s first round as a starter was how he never quit. Do you know why other guys don’t throw so many INT’s? They lack the courage to make the tough throw. Inexperienced and thrown into the fire, Lee showed he has no shortage of courage. Most other guys would have stopped trying. They would have played it safe. Make the easy throws, throw it away or tuck and run. Not Lee.

Impossible situations, bad odds, slim chances, this is what he lives for. Most other guys in his shoes would already be lighting it up at an FCS school. Most other guys would be sulking and envious. All we heard last spring was how Zach Lee was coming to town. He came and left. Next it was Mettenberger (And I think he will be great for the program). But how do you stick around when the news is always about someone else?

Lee prepares like he’s the starter. When I hear him talk, I buy it, all of it. He has proven he can handle the tough scenarios. If ever there were a Tiger deserving of a second chance, it is this guy. If ever there were the making for a great story of redemption, it is this one.

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