New Revelation/Extremes


“With new revelation comes new extremes”. -me. I discovered this about 4 or 5 years ago. First let me define a little bit. I told this to someone a while back and they began to tell me how there is no “new” revelation (Biblically speaking). To agree or disagree with that is really not my point. This is not a Biblical discourse, although this very much applies to what I believe the Bible may say. Maybe enlightenment or realization would be better words.

“New revelation” for our purposes will simply mean to discover a new belief or idea. It could be personal, spiritual, scientific, or whatever. Anything is game. Let me clarify that the belief or idea is new to you, someone else may have discovered it a long time ago. Here’s a couple examples: 1) I didn’t eat boudin until I was 17 or 18. I’m a picky eater and didn’t think I would like. Like it!? I love it! Many of my meals over the years have been 2 pounds of Abe’s boudin and an A&W rootbeer. Man, I was missing out. 2) Drinking alcohol (please don’t send hate mail one way or the other) – For the record I don’t drink hardly ever, but don’t mind people that do. I grew up with the whole one drop is two too many mentality. I think the whole drinking game can be destructive, but when I look at Biblical evidence, I have to acknowledge that God’s intent was not “be careful that it doesn’t touch your skin”.

“Extremes” may not need an explanation, but just in case. We like to test our limits. It’s one of the first things we learn. If you don’t believe that, go hang with a family that has children in the 1-18ish age range. You ever wonder why your kids are always breaking things? No, it’s not because they desire discipline. It’s because we like to push limits and to find those limits you have to exceed them. One definition of extreme could be “reaching the limit”, but I also like one of’s definitions, “exceeding the bounds of moderation”. That’s closer to the thought here. Considering my two previous examples, here’s the extremes: 1) I’ve discovered I love boudin so let’s say I begin to eat it everyday. Now, maybe you are different, but at some point I think I’ll begin to hate it. With moderation, I can keep loving it. 2) Drinking (again – hold all comments until the end please). If your a Bible person (like me), you may be familiar with a verse that says, “Don’t get drunk (my paraphrase).” For me, I can draw a line in the sand. Drinking – OK. Drinking too much – not OK.

So, what does that have to do with “jack squat” (I can hear Matt Foley saying that). Well, for me I have started being more careful when I “discover” something new. If I think something is OK that I used to think was not, I have to make sure and not run with it. It’s easy to get caught up in a new insight and cross a line without even knowing it. We also have to be careful how we express what we learn. When we are “enlightened”, we really feel like enlightening everyone else we know. Instead, how about just starting to live out the new insight. When people begin to notice on their own, you end up with a lot more credibility and can actually make a difference.


I’m writing book about life’s hidden colors and how we all relate to each other. Please, comment and give me your thoughts and insights.

7 Responses to “New Revelation/Extremes”

  1. Oran Parker says:

    BINGO! Great read, my man. I dig on the perspective. I’m passing this around. -OP

  2. eli says:

    Thanks for positive feedback, Oran.

  3. Clint Nash says:

    I see we have more in common than i realized (discovered, been enlightened about, have had revealed).

  4. rodneypaul says:

    great blog. seems like the most growing I’ve been doing in the last 4 yrs is through “unlearning” some things I was taught in the past. I especially like the last paragraph (very good challenge).

  5. eli says:

    Nice revelation, Clinton.

    Thanks, Rodney Paul.

  6. Debbie says:

    Interesting revelation. I love meeting people on the same path as me! Most people think I’m too weird when I try to express my revelations, so I try my best just to live them out. Thanks for sharing your insight. Loving Amp 24/7! Can’t wait for the book!

  7. eli says:

    Thanks, Debbie. I really enjoy what you bring to the table every week at Amp. I’m loving it too.